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Commercial Work

Commercial Work

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Commercial Work

We have earned the trust of many quality construction contractors, building contractors, & interior designers creating lasting relationships and been counted on for repeat business. Our clients come back to us time and again because we are honest, fair, and reliable. Our work speaks for itself, it exudes Quality. Our commitment to the commercial client is to estimate jobs on-time and with precision.

We seek to understand the scope of work giving you an accurate estimate the first time. Not just a low number only to be increased with Change Orders, adding to your cost. The only Change Order that you will receive is when you or the client asks for one. Our client list includes Naples Community Hospital, Arthrex, and Deangelis Diamond, just to name a few. We can handle any size job large or small, or even to spruce up your own corporate identity with a new reception area.



Transform your Commercial Building with New Custom Cabinets from Solid Construction & Design.

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